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Business Travel Booking Made Easier

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Business Travel Booking Made Easier

People always ask us where they should stay when they travel on business. Why would they do this when there are plenty of booking platforms on the internet? We quickly realised that it was because they trusted us. Maybe at some point they had been let down and didn’t want to have another bad experience.

The majority of these people frequently work away from home for long periods of time. They need a home away from home with parking (ideally free). A place where they can have a good night’s sleep and be ready to tackle the demands of a busy working day. Hotels are great but not always ideal for them. They often complain of feeling boxed in, imprisoned and isolated.

They also want a clean place where they can prepare nutritious home cooked meals. You can’t live on unhealthy takeaways five days a week and expect to perform at your peak. It often works out cheaper for them too.

They basically want a personalised service from real people they can trust to keep their word and deliver on their promises. We work with only a few select clients at a time. Why? First we build a relationship, we ascertain their needs then deliver the kind of service that keeps them coming back.


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    Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is key.

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